Our web applications are "tailor-made" and customized for the needs of your company.
You enjoy the following benefits:
mapped business processes and procedures in your enterprise
optimization of processes and operations according to quality management system ISO 9001:2015
tremendous increase in work efficiency
prevention of most common errors and inaccuracies in operations
significant time savings in business processes
instant availability of entries and 24/7 access to relevant data on tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops.
You do not need to do the following operations:
to re-enter data in forms that are reused
to fill out the form again in case of any changes or mistakes in writing
to remember general data like the name of country, city, etc., when writing
to hand over paper forms to the competent co-workers
to copy documents if you need to transfer documents to multiple collaborators
to link individual tables in Excel with the associated data from other tables
to constantly define mathematical formulas and algorithms
to define dependencies and relationships and interrelationships between data
to keep documents in file binders
to tediously search for data and documents.
You can perform the following actions:
to quickly complete forms and to buffer the entries to reuse later
to delete entries or restore deleted data when writing
to select options available on the list of proposals
to share relevant information immediately with employees
to use prepared templates of tables and lists of data
to define templates of dependencies and contexts
to use predefined mathematical formulas and algorithms
to enter predetermined paths of dependencies and interrelations and to follow the connections between data
to upload and to share documents with other employees
to quickly find and download relevant data and documents.
Let the applications do what is repetitive and tedious, and then take care of what is more important to your business.
interim responses, enquiries, follow-up letters, quotations, sales letters, delivery notes, contracts, newsletters, phone calls, invoices, order confirmations, complaints, visits, master data, purchase orders, analysis, reminders
sales letters, analysis, complaints, newsletters, enquiries, contracts, order confirmations, follow-up letters, reminders, phone calls, invoices, delivery notes, visits, purchase orders, master data, quotations, interim responses
letters of resignation, absenteeism, working time, application documents, vacations, recruitment, performance appraisal, employment contracts, on-the-job training, certificates of employment
data processing equipment, plastic goods, food, pharmaceutical products, electrical equipment, vehicles, clothing, glassware, chemicals, machines, metals, paper, vehicle spare parts, textiles
car rental, auditing, staff recruitment, taking photos, services of a doctor, tax advice, leasing, painting works, hotel management, real estate agency, banking, legal advice, secretarial services, marketing
newsletters, order confirmations, enquiries, complaints, invoices, quotations, follow-up letters, purchase orders, sales letters, reminders, interim responses, contracts, delivery notes
business processes
sales, delivery, repairs, inventory maintenance, returns, dispatch, handling of complaints, production, procurement, after sales service, production planning, order processing, product development, service and maintenance, customer acquisition, production scheduling, quality planning, invoicing
activities, vacations, absenteeism, events, working time
auxiliary materials, energy costs, advertising, IT support, raw materials, rental fees, storage costs, maintenance, depreciation charges, external services, production wages, selling costs, leasing rates, tax advice, freight charges, wages, cleaning, operating supplies
decision making
pareto analysis, impact analysis, pros and cons analysis, decision matrix analysis, action priority matrix, paired comparison analysis
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